Artistic views was created in order to express opinions regarding a wide range of productions from diverse media and genres as well as to share detailed information on these subjects . As for the writer of this blog, I am a Communication studies major and have a fond appreciation for television and film. I hope to encourage dialogue and insight on said field via this blog.Looking ahead, I would like to make a living writing and/or publishing books. This is a long on-going process as I actually started this blog 2 years ago with long periods of inactivity out of-I now realize- mostly fear. Writing this blog is a stepping stone to achieving and believing in my aspirations by garnering experience as a writer/author as well as cultivating my passion. My ultimate goal with this endeavor is to further develop my writing abilities and hopefully create content that is interesting and appealing to readers. I will focus on what tends to captivate most my attention which is cultural content, especially television series. I am beginning to come to terms with the idea that I cannot afford not to write. I will need to continuously remind myself that writing is a part of me that I can’t ignore nor dismiss, as it is linked to all my wildest dreams and aspirations.As I am typing this short text, I realize it’s beginning to sound like an oath, which in a sense, it might be considered as such. I promise to do my very best in maintaining and creating content. This is my vow to future readers, viewers and onlookers that will stumble upon Artistic views. This endeavor is a bettering exercise, I am serious about blogging and am eager to learn more about this particular medium.


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